About Me

After a long career in wholesale i started as a student at Linköpings Universitet 2015, and took my Degree of Bachelor of Programming in 2018. Im now working as a developer for Ericsson in Linköping.

Development interests

At work i do most of my programming in C++ but on my spare time i have interest in a lot of languages.

  • Ruby
  • Perl
  • Bash
  • Python
  • C
  • JavaScript/TypeScript/CoffeScript
  • Assembler

I like stuff for the internet, so communities and forums are something I often work with. The idea of building something that unites people is a momentum and something that keeps occupying my spare time. I enjoy working with the Ruby On Rails framework and have used it on many projects. Some of them now open sourced on my GitHub account.

Weights and gym life


Open source

I love open source and hope to continue to share and contribute to an world with lots of open source projects. Some of my projects are open source and some of the dead ones i make open source and available from my github account.

Ongoing projects

  • Kroppsfabriken - a home for the club i run together with my soon to be wife. Information and sales of tickets and merch, the site is built on Ruby On Rails with some additional work in Stimulus. Interacts with PayPal and Swish.
    Live site: Kroppsfabriken
  • Rub me shiny - online shop and information about the latex clothing and accessories company that i run together with Sia. Will interact with PayPal and Swish and use the same shopping system as developed for Kroppsfabriken. A full version of the site will soon be online.
    Live site: Rub me shiny
  • M68k-Assembly on the Amiga - I have decided to learn Assembler programming on the M68k and specifically for the Amiga. While I am learning, I write down what I am learning, this I publish on GitHub. Since I write on my Amiga, the updates are not completely frequent on GitHub, but I hope that it will result in a good guide for others who are interested in learning.

Retro computing

My first computer was a Commodore 64, but I focus my retro computing on Amiga. It was on this platform I explored programming and running a BBS, i currently own a Amiga 500 and a Amiga 600. Currently i have no more room - but i plan in the future to extend the collection with a Amiga 1200 and a Amiga 4000. A dream is to open a BBS once again but i have no backup of the old BBS.

Fetish club organizer

We want to give our people the opportunity to put on their finest outfits and dance loose to electronic music. The goal is to create the club and parties that we ourselves have been missing. A major driver is our desire to be a part of the development of the Swedish fetish scene, and to do so through collaboration with serious and established actors.

Together with my soon to be wife we run Kroppsfabriken a Swedish Fetish club focusing on latex and rubber.

Follow me on the internet

You can follow me around on the internet, here are some of the places where you can find my footsteps.